Monday, November 3, 2014

"NoSuchMethodError:;" when running spark-cassandra-connector

When I tried to update cassandra table using spark-cassandra-connector in a Spark application, I encountered this problem. The reason is that there are multiple versions of exists. I'm using CDH 5.1.0 with Spark 1.0.0. Spark uses guava-14.0.1, Hadoop mapreduce use guava-11.0.2, and spark-cassandra-connector uses guava-15.0.0. The similar issue is reported here: and I tried to use spark.files.userClassPathFirst=true, there are other errors. I tried to put guava-15.0 jar to SPARK_CLASSPATH, the driver side didn't report error, but failed on the worker side. Actually the solution is very simple, in you Spark project, exclude guava from spark-cassandra-connector.

When you run spark-submit, don't put guava-15.0 to --jars or the classpath.

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