Friday, March 14, 2014

Run hadoop shell command Super Fast

If you run Hadoop shell commands on console or use them to write a script, you will hate that because it loads and starts JVM for every command. A command like "hadoop fs -ls /tmp/abc" usually takes 3~4 seconds on my VirtualBox VM running CentOS 6.5 with 8 virtual core and 12GB.

$ time hadoop fs -ls /tmp/abc
Found 2 items
drwxrwxrwx   - bwang supergroup          0 2014-03-10 16:25 /tmp/abc/2014-03-10
drwxr-xr-x   - bwang supergroup          0 2014-03-14 14:57 /tmp/abc/567

real 0m3.632s
user 0m4.146s
sys 0m2.650s

I have been curious whether Nailgun can help me save time by running those commands. I just figured out today. It turns out pretty easy.

  • Install nailgun: Just clone from github, and follow the instruction in I only ran "mvn clean package" and "make".
    $ cd ~/git/nailgun
    $ mvn clean package
    $ make
    $ ls
    Makefile        nailgun-examples  ng
    nailgun-client  nailgun-server    pom.xml
    $ ls nailgun-server/target/
    apidocs                 nailgun-server-0.9.2-SNAPSHOT.jar
    classes                 nailgun-server-0.9.2-SNAPSHOT-javadoc.jar
    javadoc-bundle-options  nailgun-server-0.9.2-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar
    maven-archiver          surefire
  • Start Nailgun server: the trick is you need to put Hadoop classpath.
    $ java -cp `hadoop classpath`:/home/bwang/git/nailgun/nailgun-server/target/nailgun-server-0.9.2-SNAPSHOT.jar com.martiansoftware.nailgun.NGServer
    NGServer 0.9.2-SNAPSHOT started on all interfaces, port 2113.
  • Setup aliases: you can setup aliases so that you can run the same hadoop shell command just like with nailgun.
    $ alias hadoop='$HOME/git/nailgun/ng'
    $ hadoop ng-alias fs org.apache.hadoop.fs.FsShell
    $ hadoop ng-alias
    fs              org.apache.hadoop.fs.FsShell                      
    ng-alias        com.martiansoftware.nailgun.builtins.NGAlias      
                    Displays and manages command aliases
    ng-cp           com.martiansoftware.nailgun.builtins.NGClasspath  
                    Displays and manages the current system classpath
    ng-stats        com.martiansoftware.nailgun.builtins.NGServerStats
                    Displays nail statistics
    ng-stop         com.martiansoftware.nailgun.builtins.NGStop       
                    Shuts down the nailgun server
    ng-version      com.martiansoftware.nailgun.builtins.NGVersion    
                    Displays the server version number.
    $ time hadoop fs -ls /tmp/abc
    Found 2 items
    drwxrwxrwx   - bwang supergroup          0 2014-03-10 16:25 /tmp/abc/2014-03-10
    drwxr-xr-x   - bwang supergroup          0 2014-03-14 14:57 /tmp/abc/567
    real    0m0.046s
    user    0m0.000s
    sys     0m0.008s
  • create some shell script so that you won't remember those long command.

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