Friday, February 15, 2013

Scala SBT


  1. Include scala-library.jar in the zip file because the machine may not have scala installed. 
  2. Include scripts and configure files into the zip just like Maven assembly. 
  3. Include the jar in the zip file. 


  1. Key. 
    • SettingKey and TaskKey
    • Cannot reference Key directory. Need to use tuple like this:
      (sbt_key) => { key_val => }
    • projectBin is the jar
    • managed
  2. Must have a Project
  3. libraryDependencies and resolvers defined in Build not effect for the project
  4. doesn't support permission of shell scripts
  5. Build with java code perfectly.
  6. custom cleanFiles
  7. Define a custom task like dist
  8. Useful commands of sbt
    settings // list settings keys
    tasks // list all tasks
    show clean-files // check value of settings keys
    inspect clean-files // check more information than show

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