Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hue 2.0 failed when syncdb with a MySQL database

If you use MySQL as HUE 2.0 database, and the default charset of the database is UTF8, you will have trouble to run syncdb because the migration ${HUE_DIR}/apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/migrations/0002_auto__add_ooziestreamingaction__add_oozieaction__add_oozieworkflow__ad.py of jobsub defines some columns as varchar(32678), which is not supported in MySQL using UTF8. The maximum length is 21844. Here is how you can fix it.
  • Don't use utf8 as default. Change /etc/my.cnf to use latin1. For latin1, varchar can hold 64K. After syncdb, just modify the tables charset to use utf8 if you still want utf8.
  • Edit the migration to replace all 32678 to 12678 before running syncdb. It doesn't matter to what value you change because the developers already have the fix in migration 0003_xxx of the same directory and the table will be fixed anyway. Don't forget to delete 0002_.pyc in the directory.

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