Thursday, May 31, 2012

Issues after installing VirtualBox 4.1.16

After upgrading to VirtualBox 4.1.16 on my Windows 7 laptop, I found several issues.
  • My Guest "Host-Only Network Interface" stopped working.

    IP address for my guest CentOS 5.6 was, but CentOS said the address was already occupied. I found that there WERE processes in Resource Monitor using that address and listening on 137/138/139. It turns out that my "VirtualBox Host-Only Network adapter" was using

    Here is how you can access Resources Monitor:

    • Right click task bar
    • Start Task Manager
    • Performance
    • Resource Monitor
    • Network
    • Listening Ports

    After installing/uninstalling VirutalBox several times, "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" adapter went back to

  • Then another weird thing happened: I lost all printers and couldn't even access any Window File server. After several tries, I found that Network feature "Client for Microsoft Networks" were gone for "Local Area Connection" and "Wireless Network Connection". I forget if I deleted it or it was deleted during upgrading VirtualBox. Installing "Client for Microsoft Networks" restored my printers and I can access all file servers.

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