Monday, April 4, 2011

SyntaxHighlighter hints

SyntaxHighlighter provides a simple method to highlight the code:


But this method is actually hooked with body's onload() event. When I use some ajax call and want to format the page dynamically, this method won't work. It is actually easy to fix that: use highlight method directly.


And default font size of SyntaxHighlighter is too small. Found this page by googling

it works, but there is an issue that the line numbers in gutter won't match the lines. You can fix this use the same font-size as below:

.syntaxhighlighter a,
.syntaxhighlighter div,
.syntaxhighlighter code,
.syntaxhighlighter table,
.syntaxhighlighter table td,
.syntaxhighlighter table tr,
.syntaxhighlighter table tbody,
.syntaxhighlighter table thead,
.syntaxhighlighter table caption,
.syntaxhighlighter textarea {
font-size: 1.01em;

.syntaxhighlighter table td.gutter .line {
text-align: right !important;
padding: 0 0.5em 0 1em !important;
font-size: 1.01em;

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